Render Challenge
Render Challenge

And the vote is in! We sweated, we toiled, we rendered.

Congratulations to first place winner Peter Foti and
second place winner Lyle Taylor.

Five models, Inspire 3D and a bunch of imagination

The Render Challenge

The images are in and its time to view. The people below have submitted images for viewing.

I know folks have been anxious to see the images so Im putting them on the site immediately. In the near future the artists comments will be included on the pages.

Steve Day, Kris Debolt and I will review images and announce the winners of LD_Tools donated by Steve Day and the Lightwave Applied book donated by Jimmy Emerson as rewards to the images voted most creative.

1. Lyle Taylor

2. Martyn Bannester

3. Daniel Joner

4. Peter Foti

5. Jeremy Milani

6. Matches

7. Milo Jennings

8. Logo

9. Mostafa Sadraii

10. Jimmy Emerson

11. Bruce Satinover



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