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Inspire 3D -Reservoir 3D Center
Cheehui's site and a good place for his
plugins. There are lots of resources on
this site.

Steve Day
Steve has created some Inspire plugins
well worth checking out.

Jean-Francois Lepage

Daniel Joner

Software Publishers and Resources

NewTek Inc.
The folks that brought you Inspire 3D
in the first place.
A good resource for plugins and information
on Lightwave. Much of it applies to Inspire 3D
as well.

Ernie Wright´s Home Page
Lightwave and Inspire plugins commercial and

Include Light
Even more resources for Lightwave.

3D-ARK's Add-a-Link Archive: (Includes 3D Job Ops!)
Check for Inspire 3D resources under the Lightwave section.
Lot´s of good resources for many 3D and related issues.
If you have a resource to add check this huge resource site out

Credo Interactive Inc.
Makers of Life Forms and featuring animation motions that import
into Inspire as well as models. Think of it as Poser on steroids.

Marlin Studios
If you're a texture freak Tom Marlin has a
great CD ROM of useful seemless tiles, check
it out.

Marlin Studios

REPLICA Technology
A good collection of models and with native
Lightwave and Inspire 3D format collections.


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